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Shellspen International | Since 1979

NEW 3-D PRINTERS pottery & concrete

Teaching & supplying metal casters, sculptors, and artists with Shellspen's techniques of lost-wax ceramic shell bronze and all metal casting.

What We Offer

3D U Print

3D Printers and Products


Patina Restoration for Sculpture and Architecture 

Casting Materials

Ceramic Shell in Suspension for Lost Wax Metal Casting


Attention artists, hobbyists, schools, 3-D printers and small industrial foundries: SHELLSPEN furnishes all materials needed to do Lost-Wax Ceramic Shell Metal Casting. In addition to providing customized tech support, we also furnish a complete line of specialized materials, techniques and workshops on the processes.

Contact Us

Shellspen International Inc
PO Box 1741
Venice, FL 34284-1741

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