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The Only Dedicated 3D Ceramic Printer Using REAL CLAY!

Our line of 3D Clay printers have some unique features when compared to other 3D printers. We use a cardinal axis system, rather than a delta printer configuration. This allows for precise control with minimal effort. Most clay printers use a pressurized system using compressed air, with a 3D Potterbot a high-pressure system is not needed.

Welcome to 3D U Print, your one-stop shop for all your 3D Pottery & Concrete printers, workshops, tech support, innovations, and more.Shellspen has always been an innovator of modern formulas and technology for sculpture & industrial metal castings, creating Shellspen formulas for ceramic shell casting in the mid-1960s
, selling suspended ceramic shell slurries since 1979. As modern technology changes, we are proud to be a part of this new era of 3D Pottery, Concrete, Soil, Organic,
(almost any slurry formula can be printed and more) printed with our line of 3d Printers.

We are here to work with you whether in your school, classroom, workshop, studio, or home to change the world with 3D printing via pottery, concrete, and more.

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Our line of 3D Printers is proudly made in the USA

Scara Elite v2

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Product Details

The 3D Potterbot Scara Elite v2 is our largest model for 3D cement and ceramic printing. Built with cement printing in mind, it comes with a distal arm fitted for a pump. This machine is capable of printing multiple large objects non-stop. It is designed to be used with a continuous flow pump to print structures and walls.

The versatile Elite v2 has the option to be fitted (at the time of sale) with one of our extruder systems giving you the best of both. The additional extruder arm must be included when you order the printer. It is not possible to retrofit the printer for the additional arm unless the printer is sent back to our factory.

Please contact us to purchase this item. We only accept cash, check, or wire transfer for this item.

Scara Elite V2

The Scara Elite v2 is our refined viable large-scale ceramic 3D printer. The Elite prints with clay or cement and has a much larger build volume than the Scara v4. The advanced design and substantial construction can handle onboard loads like the 3D Potter 4000ml clay extruder or a hose assembly. Where the v2 really shines is when it's coupled with a large capacity continuous high-pressure hose extrusion system which can deliver clay loads between 85 - 250 lbs of continuous extrusion.

Speed and noise

The Scara Elite v2 is capable of extreme speeds however speed is relative when it comes to ceramic 3D printing. Realistically you won’t want to exceed 130 mm/s. Many factors determine the speed like nozzle size, layer height, and achieving a good adhesion on the interlayer of the clay. Even with a fast printing speed the printer maintains low noise, which allows operation in any area without disturbing the surrounding environment.

Construction and design

We were able to achieve high precision and accuracy with this large Scara arm robot only through diligent design and robust construction techniques. The majority of this printer is crafted out of heavy aircraft grade 6061 aluminum utilizing CNC and welded components for maximum strength and rigidity. The main rail components are from IGUS* which is one of the leading German manufacturers of precision guide rails. The drive motors are a brand very sophisticated hybrid closed-loop stepper motors. These have onboard computers with telemetry that continually update their position for zero error positioning.

Drive mechanisms

This is no souped-up 3D printer, this is a dedicated heavy-duty purpose-built robot. The main drives are sophisticated harmonic drive units**. These are the same drives used on large industrial robots similar to the ones that are now in many large manufacturing facilities. These drives are extremely heavy-duty and capable of precision movement down to fractions of a second of a degree. This means very precise prints with no backlash or jittery movements at realistic speeds. These drives are designed for maximum rigidity with extreme accuracy.

Space needed for setup

The advantage of this machine is that when it is mounted on a sturdy tabletop you can start printing right away within a limited envelope area. Or you can give it its own dedicated space for a partial or full envelope. The space needed is determined by the end-user and how much of the print envelope they choose to use. Whether on the tabletop or the floor, the Scara Elite will require direct mounting for maximum stability. This is achieved with multiple screws to secure the printer to the surface it is mounted on. If you choose to use a tabletop it must be of substantial construction, the minimum is 1.5" thick heavy plywood or wood construction. Not securing the printer appropriately will result in the printers diminished performance depending on the build envelope and speed at which the prints are created.

What's included:

1. Scara Elite v2

2. Pump Arm with Hose Adaptor

3. Additional Parts included: Gearbox Cover, Allen key set, Lithium grease syringe, Floor Screws, Z Rail Adjuster

4. Power Supply

Included Only when the additional extruder and arm are purchased:

1. 3600 or 4000 Extruder Assembly

2. Elite Extruder Arm

3. Set of 5 Anodized Aluminum Print Nozzles (sizes: 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8mm)

4. Driver tool, Anti-Rotator, Extra Seal, Nozzle and Piston, and a second - Polycarbonate tube


Printing Envelope:
X/Y- 115" Diameter Circle (2921mm)
Z- 68” (1727mm)
The printing envelope for a clay extruder on the Scara Elite will be similar to the Scara v4

Minimum Printing Envelope:
X/Y- 37" Diameter Circle (940mm)

Printer size:
W-32” L-40” H-86”
Normal operational space needed: W-~48” L-~60” H-~90”
Maximum operational space needed: W-118” L-118” H-~100”
Height to the top of the extruder fully extended is H~100” (2540mm)
Weight with extruder: 100 lbs. (45kg)

Average speed: 1.2’’ to 3.9’’/s (30 to 100 mm/s)
Power Supply: Output - 24V ~15 amps, Input - 110-220V, 50-60 Hertz.
Power consumption: 24V ~8 amps, ~192 Watt
Main controller board running Duet3D with Atmel SAM4E8E: 120MHz ARM Cortex-M4

Full control through web interface, no apps or software installation. Non-WiFi versions are available, please contact us if you would like this type of connection (Ethernet connection).

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