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About Us


Celebrates its 43rd Anniversary in 2022!

Attention artists, hobbyists, schools, 3-D printers and small industrial foundries: SHELLSPEN furnishes all materials needed to do Lost-Wax Ceramic Shell Metal Casting.
Besides providing Customized Tech Support, we also furnish a complete line of specialized  materials, techniques and workshops on the processes.
Would you like to create Lost-Wax Ceramic Shell Castings in your own studio?  SHELLSPEN makes it possible, whether casting in Bronze, Brass, Silver, Gold, Aluminum, Iron, or any other Ferrous or Non-Ferrous metal.
SHELLSPEN Complete Kits and SHELLSPEN Suspension System Kits (SSS) allow you to achieve high quality castings with less work while using the least amount of materials.
Whether casting jewelry, antique reproductions, large sculptures, machine parts or industrial castings, our easy-to-follow Directions,Coating Charts, and Consulting Tech Support Service will guide you in achieving fingerprint detail in all of your work.
All SHELLSPEN products are backed up with our Consulting Tech Support Service. (Please contact us for rates.) We walk you through every step of the process using phone support and email.
We also are available to conduct on-location workshops and classes.